Day 54 - well, that could be a happier smile

Dragon face with paperclay added

Woo, day 54 of #The100DayProject.

Did some in-fill on the head since the daylight I could see through it yesterday bugged me. I have kind of avoided doing too much work on the head because after that’s done the rest of the body feels like… I dunno, busy-work. I should figure out a way to just do heads and wings, because those are the parts I like best. I tend to do those first and then get burned out on the rest of the critter, so for #100DragonDays I’m deliberately making myself wait. So for now the dragon has a rather unpleasant smile - honest, it won’t have its teeth bared like this when I’m done.

Kind of proud I got any work done today, because I spent most of the day lugging boxes and being depressed about the amount of stuff that I’ve accumulated, or rather about the amount of time that stuff has just sat without being worked on. I’ll definitely be happy to have a place to work on bulky sewing projects again, get some of the faux fur turned into costumes and such, make the blog live up to its name again.