Day 51 - wiggly squiggly dragon tail tip

Paper dragon tail spikes

Still dealing with a sick dog (a scratched cornea led to pain meds which led to a really bad seizure, so he can’t see or walk in a straight line), plus a persistent headache (I see an eye doc next week, where I will explain that no, I am not in any way too proud to have bifocal lines because no, continuous lenses just aren’t working out for me). But #The100DayProject must be served, so I at least did a little more fiddly detail. And found the camera.

Free-tailed bats are poorer flyers than other bats, so my dragons often have control surfaces on their tails. I’ve been fiddling around with how to do the support spines, and I’m still not sure. A bunch of wires will give it better support and dimension than the cardstock, but arranging and then papering over a bunch of wires is possibly even more fiddly than I want to get. Going to have to give it more thought, though the tail vanes really won’t happen until much later in #100DragonDays.