Day 48 - teeny tiny toenails

Silhouette cuttings

I don’t know why, but somewhere along the line I decided the dragon needed to be all paper. This is maybe a little silly, since obviously the armature isn’t, and in the wings the armature practically is the sculpture. But there it is: the teeth are paper (except the dimensional stuff on the fangs, which don’t ask me why that “doesn’t count”). Also don’t ask me why cutting things with a Silhouette is morally superior to hand-molding them out of polyclay. I can’t explain. I didn’t have any trouble making the smaller, pre- #100DragonDays dragon’s claws out of polyclay, after all.

Molding the shape

It’s not as if the paper claws are any easier, and certainly I spent a lot more time experimenting with the teeth than I would have just making a polyclay jawset. Forming the claws means scoring the tip, gently curling the two sides, gluing the seam, then gently shaping them while the glue dries so they’re neither too flat nor gaping along the seam anywhere.

Claw template

Some will get trimmed to be less of a fish-hook, but altogether there will be TWENTY-EIGHT of them - five for each front talon, four for each rear one (unless I decide to add a dewclaw, then five there too), five for each wing. And this seemed like a good idea to me.

I feel like I should do something special, or have hit a milestone, for the halfway point in #The100DayProject, but so far I’ve got nothing, and only a day or two to think about it.