Day 45/46 - tiny tiny advances, that's my excuse

Last night I worked on the dragon, left a bit to dry… and then forgot completely to come back to it and take pictures. And then I didn’t take pictures at the beginning of today, so there’s no distinction between day 45 and 46 of #100DragonDays but I really did work on it both days.

Cat and dragon wing

I was overoptimistic in bringing the dragon to the table, but at least it kept Olivia occupied.

Cat and dragon face

I’m amazed she’s left it along while it’s hanging up. I did walk into it a couple days ago, getting tangled in the wings with comical results. That’s why the filler foil on the muzzle isn’t there at the moment. Can’t blame Livvy for that.

Dragon jaw

This time I took a picture before I left it to dry. It’s not very photogenic this way, though. But when the curlers are out of its hair, it’ll be ready to attach to the rest of the head.

The weather still isn’t very cooperative - it hasn’t rained, but humidity is 90% right now. It’s been cool enough that that’s not unpleasant for humans, but it can’t be good for paper mache dragons. Saturday night the storms are supposed to start, so hopefully things will dry out next week. I think I’ll still put on a coat of paper mache this weekend, just to keep #The100DayProject moving along, but it’ll have to be a thin one.