Day 44 - the picture of innocence

Perfectly harmless kitty

She is absolutely harmless, unless and until I try to move anything.

More fiddly bits, very slow progress on #The100DayProject. Someday I’ll cast guilt to the winds and work on it during the day instead of at bedtime, and spend more than a few minutes at it. But a few minutes is better than nothing.

The tongue was dry, so I covered it in tissue and put it in the mouth. It’s a little asymmetrical, but that’s okay. Then I spent some time trimming and dry-fitting the jaw, moving the cat out of the way because every time I move the tissue she wants to sit on it, or every time I move the dragon she wants to chase its tail- and wing-tips. If I don’t get moving a little faster, #100DragonDays is going to be more than 100.