Wood notepad proto-review for Rob

A little off-topic, but this was too long for Twitter and besides, I might end up drawing some ATCs on them.

Lee Valley Tools is a dangerous place for me, and when one of their emails introduced these little Kyougi Pads I had to get one. They’re a little pricey but they’re fascinating to me. A Twitter friend is my go-to guy whenever someone asks about pens, bags, or yes, notebooks, so when it arrived I had to take some pictures for him.


I got the little one. It comes in a plastic sleeve, with an explanation sheet and a little dessicant sheet, but of course because it’s wood and it’s been a rainforest, the sheets are just a little ripply.


The explanation. There’s a French version on the other side because Canada.

Edge closeup

The bookbinder in me is interested in the ragged edge on the bottom but not the sides.

Single sheet

The sheets are perforated at the top, maybe? They tear off as if they are, at least.

Single sheet backlit

Very, very thin sheets, with some gaps in the grain.

I haven’t written or drawn on it yet, but I’ll be getting the colored pencils out soon.