Day 43 - in which I need a fixed-mount camera

Day 43 in #The100DayProject has good news: despite the rainy conditions, last night’s mache was dry in less than nine hours. And, wonder of wonders, it neither pulled over the floor lamp I hung it on, nor did the cats knock it over. #100DragonDays moves forward!

Dragon head

Olivia made up for it tonight, though. I got out my strips of paper, put the dragon on the kitchen table, mixed up some more flour-and-water paste… and she hopped onto the table and immediately curled up in the nest of strips with her fluffy tail in the paste. Naturally, with paste-y fingers, I couldn’t take any pictures. Clearly I need a permanent setup other than the kitchen table (though I realized the new plastic table cloth matches the blog template pretty well) with a camera mount set up for time-lapse.

At any rate, the upper head is mounted to the neck now, and I made a replacement tongue that I like much better. When that dries, I’ll be able to put the head together. Is it bad that the semi-skull is starting to look normal to me?