Day 40 - packing paper

Glass dragon and packing paper

As I mentioned just before starting #The100DayProject, we moved last summer, into a somewhat temporary spot. As a result, we have rolls and rolls of packing paper that we kind of don’t want to get rid of. The moving service used about a 2:1 weight ratio of paper to packables, but at least all our stuff arrived intact. (The stuff that did arrive. Some stuff got left behind, which is a whole different story.)

Most of it is plain newsprint. We’ll - in all probability - be doing our own packing next time, so I don’t feel too bad about using some of it up in paper mache. I don’t plan to overpack to quite the degree the moving service did. We’ve gotten rid of stuff in between. And most significantly: I don’t think I can begin to touch a significant percentage of the paper we’ve got.

Glass dragon

I could have done almost an entire #100DragonDays just on our collection. I don’t think we have a hundred, but the tiny ones do add up (and each one got at least one piece of packing paper, no matter how small).

This is one of my favorite dragons in the collection, despite the fact that it hasn’t got front legs but does have entirely too many forelimb digits. It was tough to photograph in indoor light; when I put it where my hand wouldn’t shade the overhead light, the camera gave me all kinds of warnings about its inability to focus. Olivia was mesmerized by my efforts, though.

Olivia and the glass dragon

She also liked its thread, and now that I’ve taken it away from her is building a nest in the strips of paper. So helpful!