Day 36 - phoenix feather

Day 36 of #100DragonDays: I went back to the smaller dragon to see how the paperclay worked when it dried, and… it has shown no indication of drying at all. Maybe a rainy spring next to an ocean really is a bad time and place to work with paper mache. At least this one is small enough to put in the oven (with just the pilot on), which I’ll resort to tomorrow to keep #The100DayProject moving.

Phoenix feather

I did experiment a little more with the phoenix feather. A light coat of fixatif has kept the pastel from smudging despite me wetting it down, trimming the paper, poking at it with gluey fingers, etc. Once the glue dries (hopefully soon now that the rain has stopped… for now) I’ll shoot a coat of finish and see how durable it is.