Day 35 - little sibling

Remember this little one?

Small dragon with paperclay

I bought some Creative Paperclay to work on this, prior to #The100DayProject, and then never got brave enough to tackle it and then, As You Know, decided to do a twice-as-big one.

So when I wanted to test the paperclay, the logical thing to do was do it on the little one. And so I have started it. It’s amazing how little it takes over that wacky head base to have it start looking like what I had in my mind. Of course it helps that this one has its mouth shut, and “start” is a relative thing - I’m not sure it looks like much to anybody that doesn’t already have the mental picture, or who can’t look at the thing in three dimensions. (Hmm, VR craftblogging. That’ll be interesting…)

But at least it’s better than a silhouette with sticky-out triangles with eyes, right?

Small dragon armature

I used blue masking tape on this one, which lets go even sooner than the old-style tan stuff does, so you see what I mean when I say it doesn’t work as a permanent structural device. Duct tape might be a better choice, and I may put some of that on the wings since, unlike the larger, flying dragon, each wing finger (except the thumbs, which aren’t on yet) extends through the wing arms. This one isn’t going to depend on wires to hold up the wings.

I only got a few minutes of work in, enough to see how well the Paperclay behaves after drying, but I’m feeling pretty good about the progress on #100DragonDays.