Day 34 - progress on process

Officially into the second third of #The100DayProject. I’ve stopped even following it on Instagram, though I’m sure there’s some cheerleading happening there.

More test swatches

The chalk really doesn’t have the oomph to hold its color against the black tissue, so clearly a different direction was needed. A higher-quality chalk might have done the trick, or laying down a white layer under the lighter colors. But today I decided to go with a lighter tissue, using black chalk to darken it where I wanted to. I think this will work out better anyway - after a transition of black chalk, I’ll use the same black paint I use on the body. Even the higher-quality black tissue isn’t really, truly, black, though a layer of sealer would probably help some with that.

(I haven’t 100% settled on a black dragon, but it’ll definitely be a dark color - midnight blue, maybe. That’s why I used such a dark red tissue for the mouth - I can always paint it, but for now I like that color.)

Black test swatches

The previous test swatches got some color back after the sealer dried, but not enough. None comes through on the back, which could be good or bad.

Test swatches, sealed

The first test, on the right, reminded me that chalk is way worse than pencil about smudging darker colors with light ones. (And pencil isn’t good either.) For the second pass, on the left, I laid down just the colors, smudged them, then scribbled on them with black. That’s what you see in the opening picture. Then I smudged the black, being careful to always start in the black and pull it into the colors, not to set the smudging paper (Charmin!) onto the colors to start with.

Back of blue swatches

Some of the color does come through on the blue, though we’ll see if a coat of sealant on the back brings more through. But not today. Still raining (in the forecast through Wednesday!) and even a little bit of spray fills the whole house with stink. I miss my whole-house fan, and my covered front porch.

Unfortunately, humidity makes it less than ideal for paper mache too. I’ll try to put down a first layer tomorrow, but I suspect it’ll be some time before it’s dry enough to safely add to. Dragon’s just a little too big to accelerate the process by putting it in the oven…

Olivia, helping

Despite the stink from spraying on it, someone likes my table protector.