Day 33 - more fun with chalk

Miss me? Turns out the blog software was dying with an email error and not creating anything but the post pages - no indexes, no feeds, etc. This is what happens when you’re editing production code, but that’s kind of the other side of #The100DayProject - writing the software.

Messy fingers

In Olivia’s defense, you get anywhere near chalk you will get it on your fingers/paws. This was me closing my eyes and CRUMBLING MY ART SUPPLIES. That was harder than it should have been for a less-than-five-dollar set of chalks.

As you can tell by the creases and not-quite-black, this isn’t the fancy-pants Japanese tissue yet - just a package of generic craft tissue.


Smudging it into the paper resulted in… not very much. I’m not sure if the black tissue is smoother than the white I used for the test feather, or if it’s just the dark tissue eating it up. Or maybe I should have used something other than a quicker-picker-upper to smudge.

Chalk streaks

My next test was streaks of chalk, which of course laid down a lot more color. I also got some toilet paper for a smoother smudger. I like that effect, though I’d lay down my colors with a little more care in the real thing. The next step was to hit it with a little Krylon. It’s still raining, but a little cloud of volatiles in the air can’t hurt, right?


They certainly kept Olivia away (she hears the hissing and runs). But they also made the colors go almost completely away. Will they come back when it dries? I’m not holding my breath. I mean, I am, because cloud of volatiles, but not like that.


As long as I was stinking up the place, I hit the feather with a light coat of fixatif - because I want to glue it to a wire frame and see how that works. That made me think: probably I should have hit the black tissue with some before the clear coat. I’m not sure it’s really that different, but for the sake of science I should have tried it. But that’s enough flammability for one day.