Day 30 - tiny dragons

Still nothing worth showing. So here are some more of my other dragons!

(I did say #100DragonDays, remember, not that I’d necessarily make something every day. Just mostly.)

tiny asian dragon

There was a brief period when I could excuse buying toys on the basis of having a kid. He’s a teenager now, and wasn’t that impressed with the teeny dragons I found at a local (to me then) toy store.

tiny euro dragon

Later, Michael’s started carrying little packs of these, including a set of mythical ones - four more dragons including some with wings, a pegasus, and a unicorn. They’re off with our board-, war-, and roleplaying-game stuff, so I may drag them out for #The100DayProject.

And then I learned you can get them on Amazon in bulk, which is dangerous knowledge. Had they had tiny longhorns, I would have bought a 100-pack and distributed them allllll over our neighborhood (which was once on the Chisholm Trail). And I almost bought the 100-pack of giraffes to conceal allllll over my mother’s house, after which I would have been disowned.

Luckily for Mom, Amazon stopped carrying the bulk giraffes. Or rather, I see now that they have a 192-pack of tiny giraffes but that’s getting beyond the kind of commitment, in money and quantity, I’d want to make. But I hope someone, somewhere, finds a good use for 192 tiny kiwi birds or dachshunds or… okay, the babies are just plain creepy.