Day 29 - look, a squirrel!

Day 29 of #100DragonDays, and as predicted, stalling. Not quite sure where I’m going to work on the critter that I can leave it to dry safely, so I might need to put in a ceiling hook somewhere. (Hanging off one of the screws in the dining table light shade is not a safe place long-term, especially with cats.)

This is a critter I drew over thirty years ago, that I used to be embarrassed to have anyone see but now, c’mon, it’s been so long that Past Karen is someone I don’t even have to claim.

Colored pencil dragon with bad anatomy

This one started out as a doodle, experimenting with the scale texture from Stephen Hickman’s cover for Steven Brust’s Yendi. As you can see, the head is pretty unashamedly copied - not what I’d do for something I intend to be a real, finished work, but as I said this was an experiment. It’s not archival paper (although I think the camera tried to color-correct, it is very yellowed), and I just kind of made it up as I went along. I’d never done stripes on any of my dragons, so this one got stripes. (And I obviously wasn’t happy with them, since it never happened again.) Played around with a diamond scale pattern on the belly, which doesn’t go with the smooth hide on top but no one’s going to see it. The feet aren’t really standing on the ground, just kind of hanging there, and let’s not talk about the proportions of the hind legs at all, nor what is going on with the shoulderblades.

But there is one very important plus that this beast has that far, far too few of my other dragons do: it’s finished. That’s part of what I jumped in to #The100DayProject for: to keep at something until I finished it.