Day 27 - dragon in my kitchen

Day 27 of #100DragonDays. Finally off dead center on the critter itself.

flying dragon armature

My husband saw me disentangling the critter from the tissue paper I’d piled on top of it and hauling it into the kitchen, and commented on its size. It really is that awkward in-between size: too big to work on without a permanent studio, too small for me to do all the detail work I love to get bogged down in. Okay, the second part is actually good for #The100DayProject.

After giving it some thought, I added another hanging loop at the shoulder point. A three-point suspension is easier to balance, but having the wings carry the weight means the wing connection can flex and crack. So now the weight will be carried on the spine, and the wing wires will keep it from tipping from side to side. And then, after flailing around getting caught on the tail tip and wing tips and so on, I put some temporary wires in and hung it up. I don’t really have a place I can permanently hang it from to work on it (yet?) but at least I can step back and look at it and see where it needs adjustment.

I kind of picture it hanging a little more vertically, eventually, as though it’s taking off, but it’s making an interesting banking maneuver as it is here (with no wing wires). The head is taped on temporarily, and isn’t necessarily the direction it’s going to be looking.

Anyway, it’s starting to put on a little muscle, and is about ready for me to start getting messy. I’m not sure if putting paper mache on it while it’s hanging over the kitchen table is a good idea or a bad one, though…