Day 26 - I love pastels, I hate pastels

And #100DragonDays continues, though some of them are clearly PhoenixDays instead.

Phoenix feather and cat

I forgot how much fun chalk pastels are. I picked up a cheap Loew-Cornell set the other night, since the pastel pencils just weren’t getting very intense color.

Shades of green

My first test was in keeping with the leaf theme from earlier. These aren’t even the colors I’m thinking of for the dragon - I’m tentatively planning black with highlights in the colors of its eyes - in part because I only bought half sticks and those dragon wings are going to chew up a lot. Which is silly; they’re not expensive and I can just go get more. So of course that was so much fun I had to try something a little more interesting. Ergo, the phoenix feather. But when I turned my back…

Orange kitty paws

Oh, Olivia.

Before - meatloaf kitty

I mean, she had been so innocent.

After - orange kitty legs

Hair chalking, kitty edition.

I’ve been fighting an eyestrain headache all evening, so I decided to leave the Krylon fumes for later in #The100DayProject, and I’m calling this enough for a day.