Day 25 - a quarter of the way there

My Esaki tissue arrived today, along with a couple of extras.

Airplane model

This all came about because I’ve been trying to decide how to skin the wings. Dan uses cloth mache on his dragons, but they tend to be larger, and I wanted a little less drape since (initially) mine wasn’t in flight. So I decided to try something different.

Back in junior high or high school, I built a stick and tissue model airplane - a Piper Cub, if memory serves. The technique is kind of interesting - tissue paper is glued over the frame, dampened so it shrinks to a tight, smoth covering, then sealed to toughen it. This seems like a pretty good way to simulate the skin-stretched-over-bone frame of a bat wing.

I had initially planned to paint the wings, but then read about some of the alternate techniques used to make the markings on model planes - hence yesterday’s printing-on-tissue experiment - which led to a need to acquire some different types of tissue. And, well, as long as I’m mail-ordering, might as well pick up a model for my son who’s about the same age as I was. So a second Piper Cub it is, with some blue domestic tissue to add to the yellow in the kit - my plane was blue with yellow wings. We’ll see if he’s interested.

Now, though, it brings up all kinds of #100DragonDays temptations: dragon kites, stick-and-tissue flyable dragons… but no. #The100DayProject is partly, for me, about finishing what I start. Setting aside a project to let it “percolate” is sometimes good, but too often leads to it not being picked back up again.