Day 23 - little felt dragon pattern

Felt dragon in progress

Either I needed to post some sewing entries, or I needed to change the subheader of my blog. Luckily, I can do that as part of #100DragonDays.

This is just a simple little felt dragon. Three pattern pieces if you make a wingless dragon, a little more if you add wings (and ears).

As with the Flower Bear, the white outline is a seam allowance that’s only needed if you are using a fabric that frays - the felt doesn’t need it. If you’re not using felt for the dragon’s body, you should probably use felt or something else for the wings. The wing bones can either be embroidered, or cut out of contrasting felt and stitched down (what I’ll do for this little one).

Felt dragon belly

It’s a pretty simple pattern - just sew the belly piece to one side, then sew the other side to the remaining edge. Stuff as you go, and it might take a couple of french tack stitches to make the hind legs sit properly - I’ll add pictures when I get to that stage on mine.

Now I need to quit stalling on the paper mache dragon, or #The100DayProject is going to become The One Hundred Days And Counting project…