Day 22 - dragon outtakes

Dragon tongue

Another pretty non-photogenic day in #The100DayProject. My initial intention was to base the dragon’s tongue on an eagle’s, for no good reason other than it reminded me of one with its mouth open like this, and because it’ll eventually have a somewhat beak-like snout. But then I looked at pictures of eagle tongues, and decided it was enough nightmare fuel as it was, and I wasn’t going to add a tongue with reverse barbs on it.

I’m not entirely happy with this tongue, and it’s not full covered nor permanently in place. Which led to some outtakes. Olivia wanted to help take pictures, and helped me position it:

Blurry dragon

… with the result that it kinda looked like it was coming after me as I hit the shutter. Oops.

And then after I shooed her away from the (relatively) successful picture up top, I looked back down at the dragon to see:

Dragon tongue lolling

… oh, that’s a good look for you.

Back to working on the body for a few more of #100DragonDays, I promise.