Day 20 - some kind of Mother's Day tie-in would be good here

Yeah, I got nothin’.

Day 20 of #100DragonDays, and another bit of filler because I didn’t do anything except plan my next steps.

Dragon egg

Some while back, I made one of the nail polish and thumbtack eggs that have made the rounds on the Internet. Yay dollar-store packs of thumbtacks. It’s a bit tedious, but not difficult (other than trying to make funny-sized rings of tacks more or less overlap evenly). I have the stuff to make more - plenty of sparkly odd-colored nail polishes for teddy-bear eyes and I, ah, may have used eggs as an excuse to acquire more even though I never paint my nails. But I never have gotten around to another egg. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I run into times in #The100DayProject where I need to wait for the paper mache dragon to dry.