Day 19 - fly by wire

Day 19 of #The100DayProject. Not the most photogenic of the #100DragonDays, but I’ve switched back from the (terrifying) head to the body. More sticking wads of filler in, but also a small but important structural addition.

Wire loop on wing

This is the “forearm” of one of the wings - a loop for hanging. Notice that the legs of the loop wire are underneath the armature wires, so it’s not just masking tape holding the loop down, the loop is holding the armature up. Masking tape gets brittle and unsticky over time. It’s supposed to be temporary, not archival.

There is a similar loop on the other wing, and a paperclip-shaped loop at the hips, hooked around the spine there. Just a tiny detail, but one that would be really annoying to try to add later on. In fact, the hip hook required pulling part of the paper back to expose the wire, because I had gotten a little overenthusiastic in Wednesday’s work.