Day 17 - the awkward teenage days

There comes a point in every project where things get weird. It’s okay, it (usually) works out. But this that point in #The100DayProject. Or at least one of those points.

Dragon head and Olivia

Day seventeen of #100DragonDays, and I didn’t feel like lugging the giant armature out to the kitchen table so I’m just working on the head.

It was time to put in enough support to hold the top and bottom jaw inserts in place, and take the “test skull” paper off. And boy, does that critter look goofy right now. Just remember, this is only the parts of the jaws inside the teeth. It’ll have the teeth, a little more gum, and only then the outside of the head. So at this point I have to trust that all my planning is correct and that it’ll come out right.

Dragon head and skull

But boy, it’s hard to tell right now.

This happens in sewing projects too. Teddy Fox went through the “Crazy Llama Face” stage.

Crazy llama fox

Despite appearances, he came together pretty well. Here he is a little further along. (I don’t know where the picture I had of him with teeth and tongue went, but he looked even better than this.)

Less crazy fox

Anyway, I’m going to dub this the Angry Duck Face stage. Hopefully it won’t last long.