Day 16 - you can't give a dragon wings and expect it not to fly

At least, clearly I can’t.

Flying dragon skeleton?

Day 16 of #100DragonDays, and I have finally FINALLY started to put a little meat on its bones. Still pretty skeletal, but it’s some progress. Obviously, I gave up on the idea of mounting the dragon on something, and just let it fly. Result: I need a bigger house.

Seriously, we’re house hunting - renting, still, but a larger place for the next couple of years. I wonder what the realtor will say if I tell him I need a place big enough for dragons?

This will probably (definitely) interfere with #The100DayProject, which ends July 27, since our lease here is up a couple weeks before that. So it might be The 80 And Then 20 Later Day Project, I’m not sure yet.