Day 14

Day 14 of #100DragonDays - the end of the second week of #The100DayProject. Today’s work involved spritzing tissue paper with vodka. Not very photogenic, but it’ll come in handy further down the road.

Yet another pose

I think I’m happier with the pose now. The nice thing with the armature right now is that it’s nothing but the critter’s bones - re-posing it involves nothing but bending wire. Now, sometimes that’s two or even four pieces of tough steel wire, but at least there’s no taking it apart and putting it back together.

It will definitely not sit on a shelf of its own accord, but I gave up on that constraint a long time ago.

Sharpie sketch

Once again, I took a picture, printed it, Sharpied a (fairly awful) sketch fleshing it in, and re-scanned it. It’s a little dorky-looking, but I think it’s something that will work. Now I’m ready to start fleshing it out. And if it doesn’t work, the nice thing about this technique is that it’s very possible to cut it apart, adjust joints, and fill it all back in. In fact, that’s how Jonni Good recommends making her Tiny Paper Mache Dogs - a wire armature in a standing pose from a template in the book, then fill it in to the template outline with crumpled aluminum foil. Then the little armature is bent into whatever pose you want, and covered with paper mache.

It can still be changed, but let’s hope I find a pose I’m happy with before that point.