Day 13 - not loving it

Day 13 of #100DragonDays, and I’m making some changes.

Dragon on a box

I added the remaining toes to the hind feet, taped the critter to the box to hold it in place while I built up mass… and I’m not happy.

Dragon on a box, head-on

I’m just not loving that pose. The hips and shoulders are at the same angle, and that’s weird, and the three legs that it’s standing on (all but front right) are in a line. It’s already going to have issues with the wings putting its center of mass off the edge of the shelf, and that’s okay, but the critter would also be falling over to its right and that isn’t okay.

Dragon from the left, head-on

I think I’m going to pull both hind legs closer to the edge - it’s going to need to be attached to a base anyway - especially the right one.

Since I couldn’t convince either of my cats to play model, I poked around on the Internet.

This cat is doing almost exactly what the dragon is, but I can’t see what its hind legs are doing:

This one’s close, but is jumping across instead of down:

I have some sketches of a winged cat jumping off a shelf, based on Usyaka:

(Clearly I like the idea of winged critters leaping off my bookcases at me?)

I never like using other people’s works as reference, but:

I still have 87 days left in #The100DayProject, so no need to rush… yet. I’ll take my time to get the pose right.