Day 11 - wings!

Day 11 of #100DragonDays, and I remembered there’s a little more to the armature. My favorite part.


We live half an hour from the ocean now, which still blows my mind on occasion. Son and I braved a cold, blustery day to visit an observation tower over an island nature preserve, and snagged a few quick treasures from the beach before heading back to the warm car. I’ve been kicking around the idea for an aquatic critter, but alas it’s not a dragon. Might have to find a new hashtag for #The100DayProject.

Wing frame

I blew up the pattern for one of my sewn dragons, and started using it to bend wings into shape. This is just the index and pinky finger of one wing; the little stub that will attach to the back is at the top right. The middle finger will be the longest; about a four-foot wingspan at full extension. I might have to find myself a bigger workspace.