Day 9 - Bye, Instagram

Day 9 of #100DragonDays.

My foray into Instagram came to an end midway through my post there last night - it let me post the picture, but the description didn’t make it. Instead, I got a pop-up saying I needed to verify my phone number.

Only, I haven’t given Instagram my phone number. And am not planning to. So I gave it one star on Google Play, uninstalled it, and will just continue #The100DayProject on the blog only.

Dragon eyes and teeth

I’m still playing with teeth. I experimented with dimensional glaze and liked the effect, so along with the Cameo mats I ordered some non-clear stuff - Ranger Ink’s pearl. It’s neat, but not quite as nice as the glaze - less self-leveling, and tends to shrink oddly as it dries. I like the pearl effect, and the smaller teeth don’t need so much dimensionality, so I’m going to try the clear glaze on the canines and then paint over it with dimensional and see how that works out. In other news, I made a little template for the eye mount, and will build up the head from there after I finish the jawset. The eye angle is that of a golden eagle, as I recall, which gives it a fairly good look both head-on and from the side. The wildlife artist in me is happy too, since it’s obviously a good eye angle for a flying predator. The freaky trident teeth, by the way, are not completely made up either - I’ve decided (for no good reason) that this critter eats fish, so I gave it the teeth of a leopard seal. Some days it’s hard for a fantasy animal to outdo the weirdness of real ones.