Day 8 - Dragon butt

Day 8 of #100DragonDays: back to armature work.

Dragon armature

Today is one of the less photogenic moments in #The100DayProject: finishing up the armature wire. This is the dragon’s pelvis, with the front of the dragon toward the top. The little sticky-outy bits on the sides are actually the top parts of the femurs, and I kind of regret them - since the leg wire extends up into the pelvis, that means I have four wires to bend to adjust the hip joint. Fortunately, in this pose the hips are really only rotating, not swinging in or out much, so I didn’t have to manipulate them much.

It really isn’t necessary to build the whole structure here, but it gives me a foundation to get the anatomy right. I don’t have to visualize the tilt of the pelvis and where the big leg muscles will attach - it’s right there.

After this, I taped the left hind leg on, and I’m ready to start building up some mass on the armature.