Day 7 - little paper skulls

Day 7 of #100DragonDays.

Armature with paper skull

Obviously, a paper mache dragon needs a paper skull, right? Obviously.

No, I’m really not that obsessive about precise anatomy. But when I drew the teeth template on the head profile, just to make sure I got the sizing right, it was simple to turn it into a rough skull. So of course I did.

Paper skull closeup

I’m not going to fiddle around with getting the front teeth to match up, since they’ll go in as a separate piece from the side teeth. So poor dragon has an underbite exacerbated by the fact that I didn’t quite line up the top and bottom skull while taking the picture. Properly arranged, the fangs do mesh. This shouldn’t matter to me, but it does.

Paper scraps

Aside from a goof when I didn’t get the paper fully stuck down and it jammed, and another when I had to recalibrate for thicker stock, the Cameo cut very well. This is my first time to play with it directly, since the software didn’t run on my machine until recently. It’s an interesting gizmo, and I think I’ll be doing more with it. Maybe the next go-round of #The100DayProject?