Day 6 - little dirty birdy feet

Wire bits.

Day 6 of #The100DayProject. Having more-or-less decided on a pose (I kicked the right hind leg back, but otherwise I’m going with what I built yesterday), and with the dental supplies not arriving until tomorrow, it was time to start on the armature.

For the smaller armature I mentioned on day 1 of #100DragonDays, I discovered that a bunch of denuded floral stems that I’d hoarde^W presciently thrown in the wire box made pretty good pre-made foot armatures. Naturally, I have… three left. Oh well.

At any rate, I also got out some stuff steel wire and made a spine. I twisted little butterflies in it for the foreleg and wing shoulders - the former is already taped over but you can see the latter. I also twisted up a funny little pelvis that I’ll show more about later. These hitches cut down on the strength of the spine, but also give the limbs something to attach to that doesn’t let them just spin around. That’s really not so important for paper mache, which has a strength/weight ratio favorable enough that an armature often isn’t even strictly necessary. But it helps a lot now, when I’m manhandling the thing into the exact pose I want.

Wire bits on a box.

And now the front leg pose is roughed in. A wad of newspaper and masking tape is standing in for the ribcage, my hand is standing in for the hindlegs, and the sad little pot of wheat is attempting to distract Olivia from the fact that I’m using her favorite cardboard box. You’ll have to imagine the dragon’s head, out there to the right on the end of the neck. (That’s the neck plus some extra for anchoring the head, so don’t imagine it too far to the right.) Pretty soon it’ll start looking like a dragon, and not just a mess of wire. Pretty soon.