Day 5 - shaving the yak

Yak shaving movie

I wasn’t super-happy with the Sculpey teeth in yesterday’s #100DragonDays work, and as tiny as they are I think I have decided to make paper teeth. Sculpey feels little like cheating in a paper-mache dragon anyway.

Only, my tiny scissors are reserved for cutting fabric (don’t cut paper with fabric scissors EVER) so that meat getting out the X-Acto set. But wait, I said, I just moved the Cameo, and there’s space to set it up these days.

I made an SVG file, pulled the Cameo out of its box and… it’s the only thing in its box. We have a box of accumulated DC adaptors, and luckily there it was. But no cutting mat. Hmm. That was in my husband’s office pre-move, which means it is probably in one of his boxes, which the movers put in The Third Bedroom. No getting to that anytime soon. But they’re somewhat disposable, so I don’t feel bad ordering another one right now. (Because I just went to the craft store last night for Sculpey, and the van needs gas, so I’m going to short-circuit that yak-shaving cycle right there.)

Dragon pose again

While I got some good anatomy work done, none of it was really something I could show in #The100DaysProject. I mean, I can, but it’s even harder to see what it is than my pipe-cleaner poses, so I decided I should at least try another pipe-cleaner pose. I kind of like this: the tissue box is a stand-in for, say, a tall bookshelf. And look! No Olivia this time. Instead, Ramses snuck in to chew on the wingtips whenever I turned my back.

Again, this is kind of a terrible angle for a 2D representation, what with the right front leg aligning behind the neck, the wings being almost edge-on, things like that, but hopefully you get the idea: climbing to the edge of the cliff (or bookcase), ready to launch into flight.