Dragon day 4 - Cat vs. dragon

Cat and dragon sketch

(Edit: oops, this was day 3. It’s in the URL, so I’ll leave it be.)

Today, as promised, I played around with poses. I also learned a few things about pipe cleaner mockups.

One of the things I learned about armature making is that you don’t twist the wires together. You twist wires, you make a spring. Well, guess how pipe cleaners are made? Yeah, fuzz twisted between two springy wires. These are super springy pipe cleaners, and just kept wanting to spring back whenever I bent them.

Also, springy pipe cleaners are really tempting kitty toys, so Olivia is participating in #The100DayProject with me again, and generally making life difficult. I was going to get the Stikfa dragon and MegaBlocks dragon in the pictures too, but then I realized how quickly #100DragonDays could devolve into #100DaysOfKarenPlayingWithToyDragons, sooooo… no.

Cardstock dragon head

I made the pipe cleaner dragon a head out of some junk-mail cardstock, which was a mistake. Now it has eyes and it’s looking at me and I can’t just scrap it. Kind of a flat, Texas-horny-toad kind of head, but he’s okay.

Dragon on a pedestal

Dan the Monster Man tends to make his dragons in flight, which solves the problems of stability and of finding an excuse to have spread wings. I may go with that in the end, but I kind of wanted a dragon that perched on something. I considered a small garden-type gazing ball first (enter the glass paperweight as half-sized substitute), then I decided a column would work better (enter the… bonito flakes? Sure, why not). I taped the feet down, which helped with the cat deterrent: Olivia likes cellophane tape about as well as she likes the squirt bottle, it turns out.

I’m not 100% happy with this pose. It would never work for a 2D dragon, at least from this angle - I printed the picture, sketched over it with a Sharpie, and re-scanned it, and the wing covers most of the dragon so it doesn’t matter what the feet are doing anyway. I’m not sure it’ll work in 3D either. I’m going to sleep on it.

Cat eating dragon

Meanwhile, I’m putting Pipe Cleaner Dragon in a secure-from-cats location.