Dragon day 2

Dragon eyes

Day 2 of #100DragonDays, for #The100DayProject: I printed out yesterday’s dragon eyes on the laser at 300dpi. If you use an inkjet, test it out with your adhesive to make sure it doesn’t run. Then I glued on some glass cabochons and bam, custom eyes. I’ve painted eyes too, but all my painting supplies are still packed. You can do nifty stuff with glittery nail polishes and things, too, but I’m trying to keep this all bite-sized.

I used a dimensional scrapbooking media as glue, because it bonds pretty well with glass. I’m slightly concerned about it yellowing; you’re safer with scrapbooking supplies than with general craft supplies, archivally speaking, but it’s still not a guarantee. But the cabs are glass, not plastic, and glass is moderately UV-blocking so I’ll call it good enough. I also goofed slightly, and printed it on paper instead of cardstock. It wanted to curl, so I had to weight it down while it dried.

Meanwhile, I printed out my dragon pattern. The armature I showed yesterday is based on a sketch I did for a fabric-sculpted dragon, of which I have a couple tests in various stages of progress. It’s a static pose, which I altered a fair amount for the smaller armature. I want to alter it a whole lot more for this one, so I enlisted a couple of life models. They’re not perfect… the blue-and-gray one doesn’t have joints at all in its back legs, and the black Stikfa can’t bend its “wrists” down. I think tomorrow I’ll make a pipe-cleaner version to play with, because I want a really dynamic pose.

(That Amazon link is technically a referral, but I’ve had it for years and have yet to hit the $10 minimum for them to cut me a check.)