Moving van

After over thirty years in Wichita, twenty of them in the same house, we packed up (almost) everything and moved off to small-town New Jersey. It was time for a fresh start. Goodbye, beloved but poorly maintained house. Hello, renting a townhouse for a year or more.

$SON in a closet under the stairs

It’s been an adventure. $SON wanted the closet under the stairs as his bedroom, and admittedly it would have been nice to have two craft rooms, but I only got one. Which is literally piled with boxes to the ceiling, since it was the dumping-off point for a lot of things that used to be stored in the attic (which the townhouse doesn’t have) or the basement (ditto) or the garage (ditto). The townhouse is about the same square footage as the house was, including the basement, but it’s distributed very differently, so it’s taken some reallocation. We’ve been here eight months and I’m still not quite in a position to get much sewing done. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though. (Or rather, the window at the back of the giant stack of boxes.)

In preparation, I’m cleaning up the blog and hopefully straightening out the patterns that I left half-mixed-up in the last attempt at a reboot. Hopefully I’ll keep everything pretty accessible, but if I have moved something you needed, just drop a line.