100 dragon days

Dragon Day 1

I stumbled across #The100DayProject on Twitter, and decided to jump in. The hardest part (so far) was picking a thing to do. I don’t tend to choose day-sized projects (which probably I should), and I didn’t want to add another project to the things I’ve already got going, so I finally settled on the hashtag #100DragonDays. Not 100 one-a-day dragons, and not necessarily one dragon that’s going to take me 100 days, but… 100 dragon days. We’ll see what that means.

I have the armature for a paper mache dragon (about seven days of dragon here), somewhat based on Dan Reeder’s dragons but with more of Jonni Good’s techniques since it was so small. I wanted a project I could fit on the kitchen table, and then put in a plastic tub. Problem is, as with many things, miniaturization makes things much harder. Here’s Olivia, a rather smallish cat, for scale.

Dragon Day 1

When all is said and done, that’s a size better suited to polymer clay… but the armature isn’t suited for baking (the feet are flower stems that I’d been hoarding). I may try paperclay or something else air-drying, but for now I’m going to set it aside and make another armature, this time about twice the size.

Day One’s accomplishment (if you don’t count the considerably blog set-up time) is purely digital: eyes.